Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i just read the funniest e-mail in my life. ha. i love crazy shit. it makes me happy.

on another note:
what's going on here?! my social life is catapulting and randomly, and ironically, during lab today we had a priority pep-talk. a priority pep-talk that basically said, "cut off your social life while you still can." argh. oh well. it shouldn't be too difficult, i suppose. i mean, i've gone on quite a long time with a fairly stagnant one (not to demean any of my valued comrades in any way), so i suppose i could revert to the olden days. *snicker* not so easily though.

ah, life, what goodies you bring.

let's see..i posted about corpus. oh! i didn't post about saturday. t'was a good day too, might i add.

ever the fortunate one, i rendezvoused with arlene after 2 years (somewhere around there), and had a blast. it was her boitday! unfortunately, i didn't get her a present, but hopefully my presence was some sort of consolation for that. man, it's hard to believe the time that's passed since we've last spoken with each other, much less be with each other. i'm really glad she invited me too -- hit up my first club. it wasn't too bad. not that i have any room to speak. too bad i didn't really dance much. i'm not a dancer anymore, it's sad. for some reason i am again timid when it comes to "busting a move." makes me feel so old. anyway, arlene was reason enough to go. =D she's still funny and cute and my "little sister" -- i love it. except...except i kind of felt like the little sister for a bit. haha. good times with her though, most definitely.

afterwards, hit up another club to meet up with a newfound friend from school. can you believe that nonsense? kris. made a friend. at school. hilarity? i think so. ha, i kid. just haven't really hung out with new people much, so it was quite refreshing. she's a cool chick. i danced a bit more there -- the setting was more motivating, what with the fog and et cetera. man..i haven't stayed out all night since...ok, maybe it's only been a month or so, but still. again, i felt old. just cause everyone was in dance mode, but not the kris. but it was cool, it was good for me. the fact that i club-hopped comforts my college life. perhaps..affirmation? who knows, whatever. as usual, couldn't find a place to crash, but it worked out. only got about 30 minutes of sleep, but no complaints here. well..maybe one: i was pooped at work, but fed off of the adrenaline rush. yeayuh.

SO. thaaat's about it i guess. things are..hectic...a bit squemishly so, but what can you do, eh? just keep moving.

do what you gotta. do what you can. breathe. smile. and keep being.

happiness is just around the corner.

just gotta figure out which one.

it is what it is, i am what i am, i do what i do because i feel how i do and i feel that i am what i am because of what i do to make it what it is.

simple enough, no?