Friday, May 06, 2005

so. i went to the percussion concert last night at clements. it was nice, being there and all that. i didn't think i'd ever go to another chs concert, but hey, i did. i met up with leah and the program had already started, hehe, and i walked across the front row because i was on the wrong side - good stuff. man, there are a lot of very talented musicians in that school..i'm...hm, not envious, nothing negative. i have a lot of respect for those people (thooough, not so much for you cocky ones, and sadly, you don't know who you are). anyway, i think the best part the entire evening was when nathan (percussion director's 1 yr-and-some-old son) entered from the back of the auditorium yelling, "DADA!" during the rests of the piece they were in the middle of playing. it was too cute - he kept saying it until his mother was able to chase him down.

AH, AND OF COURSE: i love mrs. cables. my gosh, i don't know why some of my friends' mothers are so nice to me (i could take a few shots at it, but i don't like to think about it), but she is definitely one of the kindest (to me). she gave me a clements throw blanket - whoopee, right? yeah, well, it's all about the thought for me. heck, she could have had that stashed away because it was an extra, but even if that were true, she decided to give it to me. that's not true, by the way, but if it were, i'd still be as happy. it's just a blanket, but it's sincere. i also saw mrs. vernon that night, which is always a delight.

anyway, i gotta goooooo. i didn't even really want to post.