Thursday, April 21, 2005

who's tired of getting "free condom" advertisement e-mails? *raises hand* it's a pisser to see "Inbox (3)" and have them all be some stupid form of condom or porn ad. i'm getting into a habit of just selecting all the new ones and deleting them on the spot w/o reading their subjects. perhaps if i were a perverted 45 year-old man i would appreciate the offers more. mm..yeah, not the case.

so annoying. anyway.

i didn't want to change my template so soon...but i was getting nauseated by the other one. too long...been seeing it for too long...man. well, how's this for a change? it almost reminds me of my very first layout..at least the colors do.

aaaand i'm kicking myself for wasting a goood hour and some working on this damn thing. chemistry should have been prioritized. but it's so very hard to concentrate at this point of the year..so hard.

that said, i'm off.

fare well.