Monday, February 14, 2005

EY happy valentine's day. notice the "n" there?

yeah...it's valentiNe's day, not "-times" you idiots. i shudder everytime i hear an adult say "happy valentime's day" unless of course it's to a child or something. that's the only exception...if you say it to a child or if a child says it, it's good, legit. but i mean...as a grown ass person, whaddya thinking when you say "valentime"...who...why would you even...anyway.....that's my rant.

i hope all goes well for you people on this beautiful day. well, not so beautiful - the weather could be better. but yeah, hearts, and hugs, and kisses, and puppy dogs, or..whatever you people like...chocolate..flowers..

well, i'm off to donate blood. [assuming i'm still in with weight.. *crosses fingers*]