Wednesday, December 15, 2004

just got back from watching closer with jess. i didn't expect to see anyone there, but ended up doing so anyhow. i ran into joanna chen, brandy and ho, which was really cool. i love running into brandy, hehe - she gives the best hugs. anyway, i hadn't seen any of them in a long time and would have stuck around to chat, but was already cut on time at that point. i strayed from jessica for a few to talk to ho and then she scurries over to me and tells me that joanna (bonner) was being trained at concessions, so of course i had to see it. she looked so cute in her little AMC uniform and working the register..hehe. go jomibo! well, then hottie and i split to go to our movie but then ended up in front of the entrance to ocean's 12...and then we noticed that the ticket-dude gave her a ticket to that movie instead, thus wasting more of our precious time. luckily it's wednesday night and rarely ever do people watch movies on a wednesday, so there were plenty of open seats available.

movie was good. hard to place, but good. i nearly said confusing, but it wasn't entirely confusing so much as it was difficult to ascertain. the ending wasn't a pisser though, so it's all good.

i guess i haven't really anything to post about. good time with jess though. got to borrow alias burned dvds.

ah, boo. must do christmas shopping soon. if at all.