Wednesday, December 01, 2004

here's something i found amusing.

on my way home from UH [taking 90] i encountered something i found to be unusual. pulling up to a stoplight the driver of the car to my left suddenly said something seemingly in my direction. at first it sounded like he said "can i borrow a dollar-fifty?" so [for reasons unknown to me] i turned my head in his direction and said "WHAT?!" he repeated what he said, which was, "where your boyfriend at?" to which i replied that i didn't have one. of course then he asked why not and i said i wasn't looking. then - again, for reasons unknown to me - he said, "so can i take you out to dinner sometime?" and i bluntly replied no because i didn't know him. i thought it was going to stop there, but he continued to ask why not...at this point his passenger, who was fully reclined in the seat, jolted up and asked the same - almost demanding to know. this driver was probably bored as hell cause then he said, "well then can i get to know you?" same response from me - "no." it finally ended when i strongly insisted that i was not looking for a boyfriend at the moment, which is true, but i gotta say..he wasn't that attractive..but who am i to judge, eh?

aaanyway, i thought it was funny and strange. i feel like i should be saying creepy as well, but he was actually really polite about it and had this serious air in the conversation. i've heard of [and witnessed] guys rolling down their windows and hooting absurd excuses for compliments before, but that…was...odd..for me, at least.

so, yeah, amusing..