Saturday, November 06, 2004

very, very good news that will probably be my only source of genuine happiness for a while: the individual[s] who picked up my wallet generously [nearly out of character in this society] returned it to me through mail. it's quite a relief to know that there are a handful who still value morality and respect enough to do such a thing. it's so unnerving to be more accustomed to assuming that whomever happened upon a lost item such as a wallet has likely thrown it into the nearest trashbin after taking whatever benefits them [i.e., loose bills, credit cards, etc.]. sickening. anyway, i'm lucky this time...for once..

does anyone wanna read a book to me? i've got this novel to finish and i am certainly not in the mood to forcively absorb its contents. besides, that's no way to learn, right? eh, oh well....it's my ritual anyhow.

ah, just when i thought i'd have nothing more to blog about, along comes a peeve of mine. why is it most people enjoy prodding in search for scandal and/or drama? what's the big amusement? honestly, i don't understand, will someone enlighten me? why do regular occurrences in someone's life have to turn into scandalous bits of information that soon becomes an inevitable vehicle to drastic measures of drama? how pathetic is that [and fucking annoying, might i add]? seriously, where's the morality in making things bigger than they actually are? cause shit, ya got me.

f-----and------m. seriously. i think that's the only thing i believe in these days. sad.