Sunday, October 24, 2004

meh. i'm bad luck. missed two opportunities to see people, and just ever so slightly, too. first with fat-leg at uh then with brandy at rice. the uh experience was just an assumption error...oy. i blame myself. but man, coogs got their asses shut out by 8!! 8!!!! gardang, i swear, after the 4th goal, the blazers just rammed them in one after the other until time was called..within 20 minutes they scored 5 times. man. then the brandy thing...that was just a pisser altogether. i'd just been at her dorm room and then when i left she gave me a call saying she was in her dorm..but by that time we were on our way back home basically. meh...good day, but...could have been better, but...meh, oh well. it happens. i did get to see ann though, which was really cool. it was good seeing her, and giving her a hug. that was cool. so, good day anyway.