Saturday, October 09, 2004

i've got html cramp. i actually started working on a new template for this old thing, but been getting a bit annoyed with coding. something with the tables isn't working right...eh, i'll figure it out sooner or later.

i don't feel like voting this year. it's all so fucking hysterical.

man, i'm watching the yankees get their asses kicked by the twins - it's ridiculous. it's the 6th inning and they are down by 4. it's gonna be a nice stretch to tie it up, much less take the game. jeter was disappointing when he struck out in the 3rd, i think, with 2 bases occupied. what a shame. well, not that i'm rooting for the yankees all the way - i'm an astros fan - but the twins? oy..haha..one of the twins threw his bat at the ball just to get a hit, period. too bad it didnt work out for him. ha.

ah, i need a shower. mowing doesn't exactly make you smell so great....speaking of smells..i felt like a flower yesterday - i was crowded by at least 5 people who were smelling me. oy. anyway, i'm out...little stinky needs a shower.