Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i jipped the survey cause i didn't feel like answering the first 6. nyenye..

07.Color: n/a
08.Color to wear: uhh darker tones
09.Number: 3
10.Piece of clothing: no tengo.
11.Quote: "behind everything lies reason" - off the top of my head...if i had my way [and time] i'd be looking up my ultimate fave..]

13.Do you have b/f or g/f: nooope.
14. Sexuality: google dictionary defines it as "the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles" - that's what i was supposed to do, right? define it? i..i'm doing my best..
15.Your sexiest feature: ah hell i dunno. not my eyes cause people say i look like a crack head [thanks, btw]; not my voice cause it puts people to sleep...i've no clue.
16.Largest age difference between you and a partner: 3

Last Time You.
17.Showered: this morning
18.Danced: yesterday, while i was listening to up & down before i sent to gnama..hehe
19.Smiled: in class
20.Laughed: around 5 this evening when i scalded my lip with a hot noodle [twas boiling..]
21.Phone call: last time i phone call? oy..who made this thing? last phone call i made..yesterday - i don't call people much. last phone call i received was sometime this evening.
22.Who was it: old friend.

Which is Better.
23.Sunrise or Sunset?: sunset is better cause that means time for shut-eye. sunrise is more breathtaking, especially when you're driving up a steep highway and see it unfold as you descend [i'm sure there are better instances].
24.Sweet or Sour?: uhh depends on what it is. i mean..i would like it if old people were sweet and not sour..but as far as tasting goes, either or.
25.Old or New?: nothing's new. everything is on the verge of aging.
26.Hot or cold?: cold.
27.Coke or Pepsi?: i don't drink soda. [man i sound anal..]
28.Soft or Hard?: hard tacos if i buy, soft tacos if i make.
29.Yesterday or Tomorrow?: tomorrow
30.Red or Blue?: blue most of the time..red is cool though
31.Fast or Slow?: moderate
32.Blind or Deaf?: ooh...no deal. take my liver instead.
33.Open or Closed?: closed.
34.Bath or Shower?: shower.
35.Black or White?: black.
36.Ocean or Forest?: either or
37.Dogs or Cats?: dogs all the way
38.Day or Night?: night
39.Cremation or Burial?: cremation
40.Even or odd?: even
41.City or Countryside?: city
42.Vanilla or Chocolate?: vanilla
43.Sun or Rain?: sun
44.Pen or Pencil?: depends on what i need it for.
45.Summer or Winter?: winter
46.Destiny or Choice?: destiny is what you make it.
47.Alone or Together?: uhh 50/50.
48.Silver or Gold?: silver

Yes or No.
49.You keep a diary: yeah, but it's not updated
50.You sketch or do things while on the phone: sometimes
51.You have a secret: no not really..cept for the one about you..
52.You snore: don't think so.
53.You procrastinate: sometimes.
54.You fold your underwear: yeah...i knew of someone who hung theirs on hangers..mucho respeto for that bro..but also..WHY?!
55.You talk in your sleep: only if i'm really exhausted.
56.You eat fast: for the most part.
57.When the alarm goes off you immediately get up: used to..
58.You enjoy being photographed: nah not so much

More Basics.
59.Birthstone: ooh..what is it..uh..oh! blue topaz.
60.Right or Left Handed?: right
61.Spouse or Significant Other: what about em?
62.Parents -- married or divorced: married - 1 deceased.
63.Hobbies: music, computers, tinkering, too much..
64.Eating Habits: less carb, more protein - but i am, by no means, a carb-watching-zealot
65.Favorite candy: rolos, snickers, those lifesavers that are flavored caramel/chocolate/strawberry, etc...i dunno..don't eat much candy..
66.Favorite ice cream: vanilla, chocolate chip, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake.

Hygiene Habits.
67.Shampoo used: no clue. whatever's in the shower.
68.Conditioner used: same applies here..
69.Styling products used: garnier fructis mousse, and some really strong gel..
70.Makeup: n/a
71.Deodorant brand and scent: i forget..
72.Nail polish: n/a
73.If yes, favorite color: n/a
74.Sing in the shower or not?: not since i was a freshman..i just realized that..
75.Dress Habits: comfortable
76.Dress style: casual.

77.What's on your answering machine?: nothing special
78.What is the coolest gift you've ever received?: ovation elite t...man..incredibulll
79.What's the coolest gift you've given?: oh, i dunno. i think all gifts i've given are pretty cool..cause i actually think about what i wanna give...not to sound pompous..just, all gift-giving is cool, to me. i wouldn't label any gift i've given "coolest" or whatever.
80.Have you sent or received flowers in the past year?: yeah. DISCLAIMER: i HATE receiving flowers...so don't even THINK about it, or else you'll just get insulted..or i'll end up lying to your face, which isn't cool either.
81.Assuming you have one, what's sitting on your computer monitor?: post-it notes
82.About how many books do you own?: a lot..
83.About how many of those have you read?: most of them
84.Do you collect anything?: yes and no
85.Do you own a calendar or date book?: norman rockwell calendar and my own poisonal pwannew
86.When you're jotting down notes, do you print or write (cursive, i'm assuming?):
87.When you doodle, what do you draw?: eyes, or people around me.