Sunday, September 12, 2004

t'was an unusual weekend to say the very, very least. but all things past, and resolved, i give you my highlights:

- success (in the beginning).

- seeing yin again after 2 years (more or less). that was just..entirely wonderful. i'm a horrible "keep in touch" friend with my own justifiable reasons, especially in the case where one moves away, so there is an abundance of immense anticipation and anxiety (for me) as the moment of reunion draws nearer - the questions/thoughts/excitement/et cetera seem endless. after deciding to rendezvous at x location we ended up doing so on the street. the one thing i've always counted on for situations like this (reuniting) is the ability to know whether the time spent with the individual will be disappointing or rewarding within just the first 5 minutes. sure enough, thirty seconds after seeing yin and catching up to her pace, it was, without refute, sure to be a pleasure. talking to and being with yin then....is talking to and being with yin now (i'm sure with only improvement concealed). being in her presence brought back a lot of good memories and just gave me such..a warm feeling. the conversation, atmosphere, comfortability, jesting, banter - everything about or to do with that opportunity was more than i had hoped for. so in being the spaz that i am when it comes to these things, i'm eternally grateful for the fortunate (and kick-ass!) outcomes such as this one. i can only hope i was able to provide, at least, a similar experience for her.

- seeing jill again after...6 years(?....can't say i'm a persistent counter.. =D ) well that was just another spazmatic situation for me (of course internally, cause...spazzing publicly sucks...). 2 years...i can handle 2 years...but 6+? AND not keeping some sort of contact in between? aw heeell naw. the only thing i had to refer to as a means to remain fairly cool in appearance was knowing that she and yin are best buds. luckily for me she was preoccupied with futurama and didn't have to suffer my presence too much (hehe). that was pretty cool too though...she doesn't look very different, can't say i'd remember if she sounds very different, nor can i say if she acts very different, but she sure kept me in a comfortable state. i really have no idea what she thought of me though...i didn't know what to say to her (as i'm often dumbfounded with these things). hopefully she didn't think me too odd..or worse.....*crosses fingers*

- seeing erik again. it was shortlived, but hey! well, i had to borrow a wrench and stuff, and of course return it. sooo afterwards we chewed the fat a while. can't say we really spoke of anything in great importance - generally a catch-up convo...but so short it wasn't. it was good nonetheless.

- seeing lisa. i wasn't expecting to talk to her in the near future, much less see her in the near future, so that was an added bonus. she and yin picked up a bike i brought back and we ended up talking for a while. i was uh...really sprung on caffeine..and was much more talkative (not to mention forgetful...) than usual. i kinda feel like i overwhelmed them with a bunch of stuff in one sitting, buuuut can't change that now can i? so anyway, lots of talk, more time with yin as well, so good good good.

- time spent with hannah.

- bonding with my aunt.

- change in perspective.

- subtle....very subtle relationship change with an individual...but strengthened bond as well, i believe..