Sunday, September 12, 2004

i was under the lovely piece of junk my dad calls a car today, attempting to replace a screw that went missing, and i was thinking about my weekend...and there was something i genuinely enjoyed about it: for 3 days i was a grease monkey. granted not for the most preferable reasons, but i gained a lot of insight by it. i already knew i liked tinkering with cars and whatnot..but this was invariably different from a simple tire rotation or oil change. (in my eyes). being underneath the still heated engine, and combining the use of delicacy with aggression, while simultaneously searching for the problem and holding back your curiosity enough to be remain scald-less - ah, so fun. the grease markings from being handy (in a sense) can be a big turn-off for some people, but for me, it's my reward (as well as successfully fixing/adjusting/etc.). people aren't so accustomed to working with their hands anymore these days, and it's somewhat disheartening. shit, i love technology, but i love knowing how to work without technology (when possible) even more. ah, damn i wish i was a mechanical engineer major. but..then again, to one of my sayings: all things happen for a reason.