Monday, September 20, 2004

examples of a really fucked up memory:

- walk in your room, pick up jam pants and a shirt, put the jam pants on, go out to the kitchen, come back to your room and have no fucking clue where your shirt is. (still haven't found it, btw)

- sunday night and you wanna read one of your history books, but then find that you haven't seen it since tuesday and thought you put on it on your desk - it's not there (or anywhere else in the house or car).

- buy the same book that you lost, realise that you need to return it and buy it back in cash to maintain credit card balance at a nice number, check your wallet for that $100 bill you had and it's not there. you remember that you had it with you to make a money order to pay off a parking ticket last week (which never even fell through), but other than that you have no fucking idea where you last had it.

this is gonna be a great week, i can tell.